Georgia State University Technology Services

Why Supercomputing?

Supercomputing simplifies and boosts modeling simulation, helps to make better use of computational expertise and create manufacturing apps.

Supercomputer (CARINA)

The IBM Power 7-755 high-performance computing cluster is located in the Petit Science Center, GSU’s state-of-the-art primary research facility. The system name for the IBM P7 is CARINA.Engineered for computationally intense applications, CARINA helps sustain core research in chemistry, physics, biology, neuroscience and other disciplines.

Applications and Compilers

  • EnginFrame
  • LoadLeveler
  • Gaussian
  • Amber
  • SAS
  • NAMD
  • IBM XL Compilers – C/C++
  • IBM XL Compiler – Fortran
  • GNU Compilers – GCC, GFortran and G++